The Benefits of Investing in Newcastle Self Storage Units

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The good news for those looking at Newcastle self storage units is that there are many benefits at hand.

These facilities tick a number of boxes for families that want to protect some key possessions and shift some other loads off the property before taking the next step.

We will walk through the central selling points for investing in Newcastle self storage units for residents living on the Central Coast of NSW.


Securing Key Valuables

Newcastle self storage units go the extra mile when it comes to security provisions and keeping valuables out of the hands of potential thieves and intruders. Thanks to a range of surveillance options that can monitor the situation, individual participants are given a range of choices from general lock and key provisions to combination codes and more depending on what they deem as ideal security measures. These items can range from passports and key documents to other goods that maintain a level of monetary or sentimental value for people on the Central Coast.


Emergency Option For Contingencies

It is never pleasant to consider worst-case scenarios, but there is peace of mind knowing that Newcastle self storage units are available in emergency situations. From the spread of dangerous bushfires to thunderstorms and other catastrophic weather events, homeowners who have these units to call upon will have a location that can keep these goods under lock and key. While other community members are left to panic and are forced to evacuate the premises, many of them are consigned to losing what they have in those moments.


Sending Clutter Off-Site


Clutter remains one of the great bugbears for local constituents who turn around and suddenly find a collection of mess where space used to reside. From cups and plates that are never used to containers, boxes, antiques, broken furniture pieces, unused electronic brands, damaged sports equipment and bags that are simply occupying a position in the closet, this is an issue that needs addressing. There are health and safety concerns as the possessions carry dust and become safe havens for pests. They also make the environment less appealing and limit opportunities to invest in quality items. Newcastle self storage units allow individuals to send this clutter off-site, optimising the space in the process.


Private Sale Meeting Point

Certain homeowners will look to put some assets on the open market online in the hope that they can turnover the possession for cash. Whatever site is utilised, there can be some apprehension about sending private address details to an unknown party. The involvement of Newcastle self storage units allows individuals the chance to engage the transaction at a neutral location. No private address details will be communicated in this instance.


Seasonal Item Placement

Some items have a limited window of use. This is true of the Christmas tree and the Halloween decorations. But it is also applicable to air conditioners, mowers, sprays, party poppers and other brands that are dusted off once every few months. Units in the Central Coast allow for this seasonal placement to be respected, maintaining their value while keeping them under lock and key in the meantime.


Additional Planning Time

Residents can often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place with some items. Do we sell the goods? Do they have any value left? If not, should they be discarded to the bin or for local charity? Will there be friends or family members who have use for the items? This is where Newcastle self storage units give additional planning time for participants who don’t want to keep a possession at their home but are yet to settle on the next phase.


Having taken stock of what Newcastle self storage units offer for local communities, they offer a series of benefits that can go unnoticed and undervalued. Operators will make these facilities available on short-term or long-term agreements, providing a degree of flexibility that is at the discretion of the user.